Experienced decorative and industrial corrosion prevention Specialist
heavy duty coating
  • valve repairs
  • pipes & tanks
  • vessels
  • concrete lining
  • Pumps repairs
  • composite repairs
  • thermal insulation
  • copper chroming
  • desludging
  • tank washing
  • nickel plating


One Industry All Solution

About Mamkhize International

Over 20 years of experience in Corrosion Protection Painting

Mamkhize International Pty Ltd Reg no: 2021/699483/07 specializes in General Painting, such as decorative and industrial; Corrosion Prevention and Protection of Capital Equipment; Heavy-Duty Coating Applications including Glass Flake Lining of Pipes, Tanks, and Vessels; Concrete Lining & Composite Repairs.
We work with thermal Insulation; Desludging & Tank Washing; Self-Leveling Floor Screeds; Rubber Lining of Pipes, Road Tankers and Tanks, Powder Coating, Nickle and Copper Chroming (nickel plating) Valve Repair/Refurbishment Services for Hydraulic Industries
Industries we service

Mamkhize International has the experience and the training to manage your project, on time and on budget

General painting

We performs routine and preventive maintenance painting large structures in corrosive environments.

Sugar industry

Mamkhize will help you with blasting and surface preparation options that suit your unique industry requirements.

Pulp and paper

Our experience with paper and pulp painting will are top safety and quality to successful job completion.

Chemical plants

Combined with proper surface preparation, coatings applied will give excellent wear protection and lasting durability.

Rubber lining

Mamkhize also helps you clean and maintain tools and equipment, using solvents, brushes, and rags.

Oil and gas

We are responsible for recognizing coating issues and knowledge of the project specifications at offshore locations.

Potable and wastewater

Performing a variety of routine and preventive maintenance on submergence in water, sewage, etc.

Power generating

Our customers in the power generation industry have trusted our experience for their industrial painting needs.

Concrete & civil works

Mamkhize provides proper use and application of paints, varnishes, silicones, polyurea, and polyurethane coatings

Floor coating

Prepare, prime, sand, and apply chemical resistant paints, epoxies, and coatings in areas containing chemical storage.

Powder coating

Mamkhize can apply powder coat, and ensure quality per customer and company specifications.
Reliable management, inspection level 3 NACE inspector

Mamkhize International has the competencies to handle a wide scope of work.

Mamkhize International was founded by shareholders that have more than 20 years of experience in the Corrosion Protection Painting Industry.

Our experience lies in paint technology used in various industrial segments, from internal tank/pipe linings carrying petroleum products to aggressive chemicals; high abrasion coating for flooring, epoxy polyurethane technology for Structural Steel and conventional coatings used in the light steel industry.

Our ability in having a strong paint technology
understanding enables us to find innovative solutions to meet our customers needs.

Mamkhize International  Providing Corrosion Prevention And Protection